Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mamma Chef

Today, I put on my apron in preparation for some baking and instantly Emma wanted in on the fun. She loves to help in the kitchen. What kid doesn't? So I put her apron on and from that moment on, for the rest of the day, she called me "Mamma Chef"...which I thought was about the most adorable thing in the world!

Somehow we ended up having a "fabulous" tea party (which is what Emma called it) first. She set up the table and I made her a flower shaped banana sandwich. Then she made me Triscuits, LOL, she knows my weakness! After eating, we baked a cardamom cake (aka bjornkaka) for Pappa bear.

Then Gram came over and we baked 6 loaves of banana bread. MMmmmm....the house smelled SO GOOD! And the girlies had nice warm sweet bread to eat when they came in from walking out in the cold.

"Baby Chef"


Watching the movie "Julie & Julia" makes me want to cook and bake all the time!!

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