Friday, February 12, 2010

Ready for Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day. It's hard not to love it, with all the cutesy rosey shades of red and peptobismal. The hearts, chocolates, flowers, fuzzy bears, balloons, and flirty underthingys. It's so cool that there is a day devoted totally to romance and LOVE. Makes me happy. And it's a reason to make it a fun day for my girls as well.

I am prepared with the usual goodies:

Chocolate hearts

Champagne for us

Something special for the kids

Bags-O-Fun for the kids

Festive table decorations

Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without a heart shaped cake

Chocolate to dip our strawberries

White chocolate for our tuxedo wearing strawberries


More candles

Heck, I even have some red dishes in my Fiesta collection

More red things: I really love these jar candle holders I got in Denmark

In fact, since they were so cheap and I liked them so much, I bought a bunch of them (they came in all different colors, I choose clear and red). Then, because I am sort of an idiot sometimes, a good lot of them broke. Story for another time.

Santa?!?! What's he still doing hanging around? Doesn't he know Christmas is over?

Hey look, more red! I love this tin!

And of course, window decor

See, we're all set. Now if you have ANY ideas what I should be getting my love for Valentine's day, I'm up for suggestions. (Also birthday ideas would be's less than a month away....and I'm stumped)

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