Tuesday, February 2, 2010


We took the kids bowling on Sunday afternoon. We were going to take them on Saturday but after checking online to make sure there were no leagues, we discovered that kids bowl FREE on Sunday. Whoo hoo! Just a little info fer ya.

This is Andreas (the man who allegedly can't bowl good) getting a strike on his first throw.

Above you will see Eden in action. She is looking great for a 7 year old with almost no bowling experience. Nice form, good ball control. But this is seconds before the ball lands about a foot before the foul line, bounces off the corner of the gutter and continues to bounce back and forth between the bumpers like a pin ball and then coming to a dead stop half way down the lane.

Hanna, on the other hand, has no real form going for her, unless you can call the funky little maneuver above "form". Ah, I'm just kidding. That was just one bad throw. She never bowls either so she did rather well considering. It was a good thing for her the bumpers were up!

See, she isn't half bad.

It's really fun to take the kids to do fun stuff like this. I wish we did it more often. I LOVE bowling. I just never thought Andreas enjoyed it much, with his back and knee problems. But he did good. Until both of our ramps pretty much got taken over. LOL

We borrowed a ramp for Eden and Emma to use. Eventually a woman and small child started playing on the lane next to us, and we let them borrow our ramp. Turns out, it ended up taking too much time sharing so we just let her have it and got another one. Later, another woman and her 3 kids moved to the lane on our other side. And apparently she was supposed to share our ramp because there were no more left for her kids to have one of their own. And since we had 2 kids using it and she had 3, Andreas figured it would be painfully slow and we just decided to go after one game.

Still, it was a great time.

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