Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How do I get my kid to eat?

I took Eden to the see a doctor this morning. I am not one to run my kids to the doctor for every little sniffle and cough (right mom?). In fact, unless they are obviously in great pain or have a dangerous fever or other serious ailment, or it's time for a well check, we don't go. I really don't get people who go and get antibiotics for everything. I mean, it does nothing for a cold anyway. Do they not realize the increasing rates of bacterial resistance are because of the inappropriate use of antibiotics? Moving on...

My point is, I'm really concerned. I took her to the doctor because she has hardly eaten a thing since she came back from her dad's on Sunday afternoon. Even when given some of her favorite snacks, she didn't eat. Sunday night we just assumed it was because she didn't like my chili (as absurd as THAT sounds...I mean I rock chili...lol). But then Monday morning came around and still nothing. We finally found out that she was afraid of choking.

I guess at her dad's she was having trouble eating steak. That's pretty common for Eden. Even the most tender cuts of beef (coupled by my super human ability to cook it to a melt-in-your-mouth tender piece of heaven.....I'm just kidding, but I do OK), still, she will complain about how hard it is to chew and swallow. Anyway, she kind of got some pieces stuck in her throat and it was scary for her, as I can imagine, and then was further traumatized by the fact that he still made her eat it. Apparently, he doesn't realize that she almost always has this trouble with steak.

So she is crying at every meal. As soon as she sits down to eat, she cries. Poor kid is scared to death of choking now. Eden tends to be a bit obsessive about things the way it is, I have a feeling she will not let this go easily. Last night, she couldn't even swallow a pea without great effort, and she likes peas. This morning, same thing. I gave her pudding, CHOCOLATE pudding for breakfast and she still cried. I am starting to get increasingly worried of course. How long can she go without eating?!?!?! Again, taking into consideration how obsessive she gets, this could last a while.

So I decided to take her in, just to make sure there wasn't something more going on. Swollen glands or tonsils, I don't know. So, after waiting for and hour and fifteen minutes to be seen in the walk in clinic, we left knowing it was pretty much what we thought all along. She's just afraid to eat. And maybe she scratched the lining of her throat a bit with the steak incident, making it a little sore and sensitive. I'm going to make her favorite for dinner (Swedish porridge rice) and probably smoothies and other easy to swallow stuff for the next few days. AND, I promised her a trip to Space Aliens when she has eaten a normal meal, chunks and all.

It's almost like having an anorexic child. I can't even imagine how scary that would be, as a parent, watching your child starve themselves. Hopefully she will start to cooperate and at least drink some smoothies or something. I want her to eat her typical 2-3 bowls of yummy porridge tonight. I'll keep you posted.

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