Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Saturday, cheese, and other stuff

We had a lovely wine & cheese with the kids on Saturday. Of course, the kids just had lovely cheese. Anyway, it was a nice relaxing night with the kids, in front of the screen watching one of our old favorites, "CHEF!".

It's a British comedy that used to be on PBS a few years ago. We always liked watching it, so we bought a set of DVDs. It's hilarious. And we love shows about cooking. Hilarious + Cooking = BIG hit at our house.

I love moldy stinky cheese. The bad thing is Andreas doesn't. So I had all this Brie and Blue and Gorgonzola that I was going to have to eat by myself or it would go to waste. And I hate wasting food, especially cheese. Because I love cheese. How do you tell when moldy cheese goes bad anyway?

But back to my love of cheese. I think I've eaten more cheese in the last three days than most normal people probably eat in half a year. Seriously. I expect to see a 5 pound weight gain the next time I step on the scale. Blech!

Now, this is TO DIE FOR cheese. A Gorgonzola cheese torte with walnuts and cranberries. A beautiful whipped wonder, so creamy and delicious!

Emma is just so darn cute sometimes.

I dislike those ugly cords dangling from our TV. Andreas said pulling them behind the wall (which we did at our last house) is a fire hazard. Maybe we need to have an outlet installed behind the TV.

I got new plants last weekend. I love how they bring a little tropical ambiance to the room. I always wanted to live in the jungle. I love plants.

And I love this rose.

The end.

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