Saturday, June 5, 2010


Andreas and I went out last night because it was our 5 year anniversary. We ate at a place called Basie's in the Ramada hotel. I thought it would be appropriate since we had our reception at the Ramada....and they cook a mean steak! Seriously. I dare you to find a place that can cook a filet mignon to perfection like they do. Simply divine!

Incidentally, that is what both of us had. Here was our meal: 10 oz filet with Mediterranean rub (Andreas couldn't even finish his....what a light weight), asparagus spears with Bearnaise sauce, sauteed mushrooms, bruchetta, Kenwood Sonoma Merlot (awesome wine) and to finish off, a decadent, to die for chocolate layer cake with ganache and melt in your mouth mousse. Oh heaven.

Sounds perfect right? Well, it was. Except for one thing. My loving husband was paying more attention to the cute blonde behind me, than me! Seriously, it was so blatantly obvious. Always looking at her, smiling. She would smile back of course. Then, a little game of peek-a-boo. It was easy to see why he was so smitten. She was the cutest little girl - maybe a year old, blond pigtails, pink ballerina outfit with a tutu, and such a sweet smile! It was so cute watching her flirt with my man! lol

Anyway, we came home to a perfect night out on the candlelit deck, some champagne and chocolate truffles. It was a great night!

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