Thursday, June 24, 2010


We went biking one night, on some of the awesome bike paths that Fargo has to offer, when we came upon this strange circular sidewalk looking thing. It was a semi circle on either side of the bike path. It was surrounded by dirt, hence, newly laid. And I figured maybe they were going to plant flowers and put in benches and make it a pretty little sitting area.

Not so.

Later, on another bike ride, we discovered what the purpose of that circle was. Check this out...

What you are looking at are 6 outdoor exercise machines! I kid you not, it's like a little outdoor gym...and it's free!

Take a closer look...

Not only is it cool that they have put these machines on a walking/biking path for the public to use, but they've placed them right next to a playground! So you can take your kids to play and you can get your sweat on right there at the same time!


Each machine has a dial so you are able to set the resistance.

They have an ab crunch bench...

A stair stepper

A chest/back press

A pull up/dip bar

A squat press

And row/push up bars

WAY TO GO, FARGO! I hope I start to see these popping up all over. It's so great that people have an opportunity to make use of a machine that they might not own, or afford to use through an expensive gym membership. Maybe people who have never even touched exercise equipment will get a taste for it and get hooked!

It's about time. How long has America been making us fat and unhappy? Super sized fast food, easy processed food with tons of added salt and sugar, cheap trans fat laden food, the low fat diet craze, magic pills and "snake oil" that promise fast effortless weight loss, the list could go on forever.

It's nice to see good things like this happening in my town. Get us motivated to get moving and get healthy!

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Jennifer said...

I had no idea! That is totally brilliant.