Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Congratulations, Sammi

This past weekend my niece, Sammi, graduated from high school. I still am just in awe at how fast she grew up. This is a picture of her and I at my graduation:

And this is us again at her graduation:

She is one AMAZING girl. She is beautiful, smart, creative, talented, kind, humorous, and just plain wonderful. She is going off to UND this fall and I'm going to miss her like crazy!

Here are some more pics from the weekend (in no particular order):

Walking into the gym

Giving us that gorgeous smile as she walks to pomp and circumstance

Sammi with her parents

Sammi and her grandma


Mom with all her good lookin' kids =)

..and again

My oldest sister, Kathy

My brother, Jeff (proud father)

My brother, Dave, and his wife, Wendy

My niece, Hayley

Another niece of mine, Chelsea. Are you seeing a pattern here? My nieces are beauties!


Chelsea and Jeff


My nephew, Ely

Another nephew, Joey (My nephews are quite handsome as well!)

My sister, Sue and her daughter, Chelsea

Kathy's husband, Jim

Sue's husband, Bill, who is infamously dodging the camera. Usually, pictures of him turn out like photos of sasquatch....blurry or out of focus LOL!

Hayley and her daddy






Mom holding Sammi's dog, Harley

Kathy (Sammi's mom)




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