Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A 'no pictures' post

I love to take pictures. I love to edit the pictures I take. And, I love to post the edited pictures I take. It’s fairly obvious looking at this blog. But somewhere along the way, I have neglected to write. Oh, I write some, but I don’t write write. This is probably because I’m no writer. Gosh I wish I had that talent. It would be super cool. Maybe I should go to school to be a writer so I could be super cool. Nah, that’s never gonna happen.

But today, I’ll just pretend I like to write and pretend you like to read what I write.

OK…what should I write about? Well, let’s see, I’ve got three kids…BAM! Kids give you TONS of things to write about, don’t they?

Like, about how they tell you they want to buy a 38 cent fish “with my own money, mom”, but, you have to spend the extra $50+ it takes to buy the aquarium, pebbles, fish food, and pretty fake sea weeds that make the fish feel at home. Then, watch as they have a meltdown in the store because you say no to the 38 cent fish, and have to endure the stares as strangers hear all about how evil you are for refusing the poor kid a fish that is only 38 cents!

Or, how about when you have a budding hoarder/possible shoplifter on your hands, whom Grandma has to frisk every time you leave her apartment to make sure said hoarder doesn’t make off with any “treasures” to bring home…so she can put them in a box…nested in another box or purse or bag of some sort… and stuff it safely in her closet (possibly in another box) to be forgotten.

Let’s not forget the tween who simply hates the effort it takes to groom herself (brushing teeth, brushing hair, showering, using deodorant, toilet paper….it’s all just over rated). Also, hitting puberty is very undesirable. She stands a mile away with her eyes tightly closed as you are trying to shop for bras that she desperately needs and refuses to wear. All I have to do is look in the direction of undergarments and she’ll scream “NO MOM!” and go hide under a rack of pajamas.

Oh the treasured moments with children. Seriously, the stories are virtually endless. Life would be dull without them.

When I think of something to write about, I’ll post it ;)

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