Monday, October 3, 2011

accidental model

Yesterday afternoon I brought my camera outside to get some photos of my baby girl riding her bike with no training wheels. After she was done, she sat down on a chair in the shade next to the house. It just happened to be PERFECT light in the spot she was sitting. Bright but no sun. So I snapped away. I took as many as she would let me. Eventually she gets tired of the big lens in her face so I stop. I don't want to push my luck.

I love when these accidental mini photo shoots happen. So much better impromptu than planned, especially with kids. And she just happened to be wearing nice clothes and was all clean (shock!) so I took advantage. Oh, she had a nice milk mustache going. My kids always run around with either a milk mustache or peanut butter cheeks. I don't always notice anymore. So the fact that she was already wearing pretty clothes and was relatively spot free, was quite exciting.

I took about 140 pictures just of her on that chair. I'm a compulsive snapper. I know the professionals tend to cringe at someone like me, but I want to make SURE I get at least a few good shots in there. I can always delete later. Anyway, I'll have to post more later because I think she's just the prettiest little girl in town!

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