Thursday, December 22, 2011

4 more days

When you have so much to do, the best way NOT to accomplish any of it, is to take a muscle relaxer.

Whoa, mama. I tried holding off today, just dealing with the pain without medicine, but it got worse and worse and I became so stiff that it wasn't an option anymore. So I took one of my Flexeril at about 3:00pm. The fun part is trying to stay awake. I don't see how my mom can take 3 a day and still function. Maybe she has built up a tolerance.

But I kept myself busy by cooking dinner (sorry about forgetting to take the stickers off the green peppers before cooking them...teehee). And then I tried visiting with my sister. Keeping up normal conversation is tricky. My head was bobbing from side to side and I'm not really sure if what I said made any sense. Playing the piano was.....interesting. Now, I'm blogging. And it's not really working out. So I'm just going to go lay down.


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