Monday, December 12, 2011

Finding the perfect tree

We like to go out into lakes country to find our Christmas tree. Sometimes, we get our tree from the clinic parking lot just down the road. But it's a lot more fun and meaningful when we can all pile into the van, venture out into the 'wilderness' and cut down the perfect tree. Usually, we go to a tree farm by Cormorant lake. Friendly people. Beautiful variety of trees. And we pay less than half what we would pay in town for ANY tree we want! If we wanted the tallest, fullest tree there, still only $30. Win win.

Andreas was the one who spotted this gem. So full and beautiful.

Sawing away.
And who says I'm never in any pictures? See my shadow!

We could not have gone on a more beautiful day.

Emma was whipping the poor tree

It barely fit in the van. Lucky for us we have stow and go seating and can fold down any or all of the 4 seats in the back. You can't see her, but Eden is back there somewhere.

And the finished product. We all pitched in and decorated together. Andreas and I did the lights. Hanna and I did the beads and garland. And the girls all did the ornaments. I have really learned to let go of the "perfect" looking tree. Before, I used to be really anal when it came to how I decorated the tree. Only red and gold balls, specific ribbon an beads. I wanted it to look like a magazine picture. But I remember how excited I was to decorate the tree when I was a kid and decided that I can't take that joy away from my kids. So now, I let them have at it and put whatever they want on it. It may not look Pottery Barn perfect, but it's perfect in my eyes and in the eyes of my children.

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