Wednesday, December 14, 2011

nighty night

Right now, I am snugly warm in my bed. And it's only, like, 7:30. I've got icyhot and a heating pad on my back and Vick's vaporub on my chest. I'm gonna watch a movie on my laptop. The Family Man. It's a good holiday movie about what's important in life.

I did something awful to my back at the gym today. On the first exercise. Like it usually goes when I injure myself. I think that is because I don't warm up properly. Dang I can be impatient! Hanna gave me a good rub. It felt great and hurt at the same time.

I'm STILL battling a cold. Persistent little bugger too! Coughing like a 50 year smoker, phlegm that won't quit, and I've been having trouble breathing through my nose so much lately that I actually broke down and used.......nosespray! If you know me at all, you will know that I had a terrible (I mean TERRIBLE) addiction to nosespray for more than 10 years. I couldn't go anywhere without a bottle and if I did, I would panic. I would also panic when my bottle would get near empty and I didn't have a back up. I don't know how I ever lived like that. It's called rebound effect, and it's a real thing! They tell you not to use it for more than 3 days. You should definitely heed that warning, friends! Anyway, I am very fearful of getting hooked on it again so I never use it. But I did last night. One spray in each nostril, just so I could sleep.

Tonight was the Christmas party at the gym. I promised the girls we'd go. There was food, bouncy castles, face painting, music, door prizes, and Santa. Even though I felt horrible, we went. We had been there all of 5 minutes when Emma complained of a tummy ache and said she felt like barfing. Well, I don't like to take my chances with barfing in public so we agreed that it would be best if Andreas took her home. Good thing too because they barely got in the door and she barfed all over the floor. I am sad that she got sick but SO GLAD it didn't happen in the bouncy castle! Yikes, that would have been awful!

I don't know why I blog about uninteresting stuff like this. I guess I feel like I have trouble coming up with topics that are blog worthy and so I get on here and babble on about our incredibly dull lives. No, I shouldn't say that. I don't think my life is dull in a bad way. I'm glad we aren't a big part of the "rat race". We lead fairly subdued and relaxing lives, and that is just fine with us. It just doesn't make for very exciting blog posts.

Well, ok, I'm going to watch my movie now.

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