Saturday, December 17, 2011

going to ihop

Andreas had a hankering for ihop today. Actually, Emma had a hankering for Swedish pancakes, (or plättar), and pappa bear didn't feel like cooking. Because he was napping. At 10:30am. And why shouldn't he? He'd already been up 2 hours. So he suggested ihop.

Then he thought, maybe we better go to Village Inn since he didn't think ihop would cater to my non-wheat diet. But I figured I could still eat eggs and turkey bacon, maybe even a potato pancake or some hashbrowns. I can handle the ihop! So we went to ihop. And Emma didn't have plättar, but she did have bacon, sausage, eggs and American pancakes. And she ate it all! For our little toothpick of a girl who barely eats enough to keep a bird alive, this is a MAJOR feat. She enjoyed every bit of it, dunking her bacon into the whipped cream. Eating pancakes with maple AND blueberry syrup. Eating her bacon AND pappa bear's bacon.

Andreas thought it was funny that she was dunking one form of fat into another. I thought it was funny that she kept calling her bacon 'turkey bacon' when it was really pork bacon. And then she said, "I know it's regular bacon but it tastes like turkey bacon". I was smiling ear to ear....SEE?! Turkey bacon DOES taste like regular bacon. And it IS possible to make it crispy. And no, you don't have to burn the crap out of it. My girls and I love to eat turkey bacon. It's the only kind of bacon I ever buy, unless I'm feeling like giving in to my husband's constant desire to clog up his arteries with pork fat.

So anyway, I ended up eating from the "fit menu" - which always makes me laugh. I had an omelet with egg substitute....only because they put their wheat pancake mix in the real egg omelets. I can't be sure that they don't put it in their egg substitute omelets, but I can hope they didn't. And it was filled with turkey bacon and cheese. Then I had hashbrowns and fruit on the side. I know hashbrowns are not very healthy for you, fried in butter and all. But I'm in a butter lovin' place right now. That's right, I'm eating things like butter and full fat cheese and life has never been better ;) Even without bread. More specifically wheat. Have you ANY idea how many products contain wheat????

Since going wheat free I've made things like cheesecake, peanut butter fudge, muffins, pizza, wraps, etc. all home made and containing NO wheat what-so-ever. It's been anything but flavorless! AND, the added bonus of it all (aside from getting to eat so much cheese) is that all the stomach cramps hem...gas - gone! Aren't you happy for me? If you are generally around me after 3pm, I'm sure you're happy now! hehe...

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