Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Robot 1X

This is our robot vacuum. We call her Robot 1X. Where my Futurama fans at?

And this is Lizzy.

Lizzy bear and I feel the same way about Robot 1X.

It is always invading our space. It's a space invader. It vacuums under my feet in the kitchen when I'm trying to cook. It tries to vacuum up Lizzy's tail as she sleeps on the floor. It's always after us. It smells fear.

See? Here it comes now. It's after me....again.

It's coming out from under the rocking chair to attack.

Run, Lizzy. Save your tail.

It likes to push around Lizzy's toys. She keeps a watchful eye. That's her new toy from Santa. And she isn't about to let Robot 1X take it.

Stupid Robot.

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