Friday, February 27, 2009

Clean up in aisle 2! Granny down!

What's with the old ladies at the grocery stores here?!?!?! Dang!

I was sort of getting used to the idea that Danes absolutely HATE queuing, not like anyone else in the world enjoys it much either. But they will literally race you to the check out line if they see you approaching and feel you may just get there first. I have to just laugh to myself because I'm pretty patient when it comes to standing in line and think it's ridiculous to be witness to this time after time. Not only that but when you actually DO make it to the counter first, the whole time you are waiting to pay for your stuff they keep inching their cart up closer and closer until it's actually right up against you. As if this is going to make the whole process go faster. Back off! (sorry, that's the American who still hasn't gotten her cpr number after 7+ months of waiting, talking)

I was standing in line at the post office one day (which also happens to be in the grocery store) holding a box to mail and a woman got in line behind me. I think I was 2nd in line - just an FYI. After a whole 15 seconds of waiting she asked me if I was queuing, to make sure she wasn't needlessly behind one more person than was absolutely necessary. Uh......well, let's assess the situation here. I'm standing directly behind a man, in line, at the entry to the post office holding a box. Not sure, but I think that just may be a big fat YES!

Now back to my point, the old ladies. Today the store was busier than it usually is at the time I generally shop, maybe because it's Friday. But the isles were stuffed full of old ladies with shopping carts ready to mow you over if you didn't get the hell out of their way. I'm serious now, there is no "excuse me", there is only the sharp pain of a cart up your bum. "Oh, I'm sorry, I see there are only 700 bunches of bananas left. By all means, go on ahead so they aren't gone by the time you have to wait for me to drop my tomatoes in the basket." SHEESH! And aren't old ladies supposed to be slow? What the hell? Track stars in disguise these old Danish woman. Don't let the sweet old grey haired grandma facade fool you.

Now, I don't like confrontation and I'm probably the least pushy person you'll ever meet. But I'm getting tired of being bullied by rocker jockeys! One of these days, I'm gonna push back. Can you see me elbowing my way through the produce, teeth and wigs flying in every direction? Yeah, me neither.

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