Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What does your little one consider to be "treats"?

This is what my two year old, Emma, calls "treat"...

She will go into the low cupboard, and there among maybe a box of sugary cereal, (and once in a blue moon) a bag of chips and popcorn, help herself to a Wasa bread when she is hungry. We go through these things like crazy!

Now, if you are familiar with Wasa bread, they aren't exactly what you would describe as a treat, especially not through a child's eye. They are quite hard and taste similar to cardboard (or what I would imagine cardboard to taste like). But, they are loaded with fiber! Hooray for poop!

This is one of my proudest moments as a mom. This is a moment when I realize that eating healthy for myself actually DOES rub off on my children. Of COURSE they'd still rather eat a bag of M&Ms over asparagus any day, but small steps are good enough for me!

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Carin said...

Funny about that as Lachlan loves these same crackers. Could be that I like them but Davyn seems to think they are good too.