Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rabbit trees

Andreas brought home a branch on his way back from work one day to show us that the trees were budding. Hanna & Eden were curious to find out what type of tree it was. Since the buds looked like little rabbit's feet, I told them it was a rabbit tree. "see the tiny furry rabbits starting to sprout?", I said. They looked at the branch in shock and awe until finally Hanna said, "na-ah". It took her a while though. Gullibility runs in the family.


Jess said...

Chu, If you haven't heard they are pussy willow branches. The blossoms are actually called catkins. My mom has a bush in her back yard and I bring them in for my kids every spring. We have about 6 more weeks till they open up here.

The Arffs said...

Thanks, Andreas knew what they were in Swedish....of course that didn't help me any.