Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chopped! rematch

We decided to do another "chopped" at home today. Instead of each taking entree and desert like last time, we decided to draw out of a hat for appetizer and entree. Andreas drew entree and I got appetizer. We decided that the kids could be in on the fun this time too so they got desert.

I didn't think of taking the camera out until my round was all done so no pictures of the appetizer round :(

However, here are the pics from the rest of the competition:

Andreas opening his basket of ingredients

sweet potatoes, ribs, crystallized ginger and won ton wrappers

The blur: his new superhero name

our panel of judges

his won tons were looking good with a sweet potato and leek filling

waiting for the delicious food

final result: as beautiful as it was delicious

Ginger honey glazed ribs, sweet potato balls, crisp baked won ton filled with sweet potato & leek, and a leek puree on the side.

Really really good. But he went way over the 30 minute time limit cooking the ribs. AND burned his hand during the process. Poor man.

Incidentally, for the appetizer round, my basket contained:
1) frozen hashbrowns
2) goat cheese
3) horseradish root
4) tuna in oil

I just fried up the hashbrowns. Then made a cheese sauce out of the goat cheese, milk, butter, flour and white wine. I also shredded the horseradish in. It turned out really good. I fried up an egg to put over the hashbrowns and poured the sauce over the whole thing. Unfortunately the tuna threw me for a loop so I just stuck it on the plate next to everything else and drizzled the cheese sauce and some chopped leek over it.

I guess they thought it tasted ok although there was nothing to tie the tuna together with the hasbrowns. I had 20 minutes for the app round and it went lightening fast, but I did get it all plated in time.

Still, the votes (including my own) went for Andreas' dish. It really was yummy.

the kids: ready to open their basket and see their mystery ingredients

crunchy wheat & barley

vanilla pudding mix

marachino cherries

whole grain white rice

and it's game on

Hanna was team captain so she gave everyone jobs

adding the finishing touches

end result for dessert round

I figured that they would combine the rice together with the pudding to make exactly that: a rice pudding. But they didn't. And that's ok. They ground up the wheat & barley which was pretty creative I guess. And chose to add cinnamon for flavor which was nice. All in all they did a great job and had fun in the process.

I'm already looking forward to another rematch! Next time I'll get the entree round and I have a feeling Andreas is going to have it in for me after I chose ribs for him. Oh well. I'm up for the challenge! Bring it!

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