Friday, October 21, 2011

pretty bear, growing kids and restaurant food

Pretty Lizzy

Today, the kids, my mom, my dog, mom's dog and I, all piled in the van and we went to PetSmart to get Tedward and Lizzard groomed. [I'm surprised our dogs know their real names because they generally get called everything but]

Almost 4 hours after dropping them off, they were done. First out was Teddy (Tedward). He was super cute. I just can't picture that dog a boy because he's just so girly. Except for the fact that he humps all my mom's stuffed animals. Then came Lizzy. She pranced out sporting some festive pumpkin bows in her hair. I have to admit, I've never really been into accessorizing my pets. Although I did used to put cabbage patch kid clothes on my cat and push her around in a baby doll carriage. But I couldn't help but melt when I saw my pretty Lizzy Bear come out all shiny clean, with her paws neatly trimmed and bows in her hair.

And she smelled like cherries.

Look at her.....awwwwww

How is this NOT cute????

She was pretty exhausted after her 4 hour beauty treatment, I've never seen her so mellow. Even in the van on the way home. She didn't try to get on my lap and lick the windshield like usual. Have you ever tried driving with a Newfie on your lap? It's probably illegal. And if it isn't, it should be.

While the dogs were busy getting defunked, we went to the dollar store, which happens to be one of my kids favorite stores. Then out to eat at Johnny Carino's where I got a plate of something sort of resembling what I ordered. Ok, not even close. And finally to the mall where I could get my growing kindergartner some pants that didn't look like capris. Can anyone tell me how to get the kid to stop growing? At least until her waist catches up? As a mom, I have discovered that it's really hard to buy for the tall and slim and the short. This almost makes me want to open up my own clothing store for kids called Tall & Short. Seriously. Why has no one thought of this??

Back to my lunch; even though it doesn't really have anything to do with my pretty dog post. I am picky about what I eat, and eating out is no exception. Today, I made up my own order since the menu didn't offer anything like what I would eat at home. I wanted whole wheat penne (just about a cup) with spicy marinara, a plain chicken breast and broccoli on the side. What I got was a GIANT bowl of penne, smothered in some sort of creamy fatty white sauce, with maybe 3 of the tiniest broccoli florets known to man mixed in, and a chicken breast thrown on top. " wanted marinara too" our waitress said and quickly brought me a small ramekin of marinara.


It was pointless. I was probably a pain for ordering something not on the menu in the first place so the last thing I wanted to do was send it back and get something spat in. I didn't eat any of the noodles or 3 broccoli florets drowning in fat. Luckily my mom was gracious enough to give me the spinach off of her plate. Which, incidentally, was delicious. Her pecan crusted chicken was superb as well. I had lunch envy.

What's the worst restaurant screw up you've ever had?

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