Wednesday, October 5, 2011

twirling in the warm wind

Eden was twirling for me

I was laying outside on a blanket yesterday afternoon while the girls were outside playing (and fighting). It was so perfect to lay in the shade and feel the warm breeze. Seems so strange to be saying that in October. And today 91 degrees was the forecast! Crazy! But I'm certainly not complaining. It's like round two of summer. And we needed this after the yucky cold spring we had.

Emma picked me a flower (from my flower pot)

For some reason, Emma gets so mad at Eden for such little things. Like yesterday, Eden was pretending to be Cinderella, scrubbing the driveway with a brush and singing.

And Emma got SO MAD and started crying "You aren't the ONLY princess baby in the family, EDEN!" Well, of course I couldn't help myself and started to laugh, and Eden started to laugh and eventually Emma was laughing but trying really hard to cry and sound sincere about it.

Eventually she had enough of that pesky laughing and having fun and she proceeded to hurl a giant rock at Eden.

And like any good parent, rather than stop it from happening, I photographed the incident. You know, in case I needed it for evidence or proof or whatever. Haha....

I didn't think she was actually gonna throw it. Man she has a temper. She certainly didn't get it from me.


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Carin said...

better to just admit it Charlotte...I take full responsibility for my childrens tempers and short fuses...of course I take full responsibility when someone compliments them about ANYTHING too. :)