Friday, January 6, 2012

Chopped - kids

Last weekend, we held two chopped competitions. I was finally starting to feel a little better, I could function pretty normally so it was time to do at least ONE of the fun things I had planned for us over vacation.
We let the kids battle it out against each other in Arff Kitchen Stadium first. Eden and Hanna went head to head for both entree and dessert rounds.

puff pastry
summer sausage
sharp white cheddar cheese

Searching for just the right spices

Eden's finished product - lovely

Hanna's finished plate - I thought it was beautiful
As far as presentation goes, it was a really close call, but I think Hanna had it in the end. However, Eden won the entree round because her food tasted better. She had wrapped ingredients in her puff pastry whereas Hanna just cooked the pastry and stacked the ingredients. We had to give creativity and taste to Eden. It was a close one though!
Judge Emma - or Jemma as she called herself
Dessert Round
cotton candy
ritz crackers
marscapone cheese
chocolate chips

Eden's concoction. It was FAR too sweet for me to eat.

Part of Hanna's dessert included a glass of melted cotton candy mixed with chocolate instant drink mix and a hard candy fizzing at the bottom of the glass. I expected it to taste horrible but it wasn't bad. Still pretty sweet though.

Although Hanna won the dessert round, Eden ended up winning the overall competition. But it was a close one.

Next time I will post the other chopped competition of our vacation. Chef Andreas (or no.2 as I like to call him) and Chef Wonderful (as the kids were calling me)

Let me explain:

A while back the children started calling Pappa, Plop. And soon after Mom got switched to Pom. So we are Plop and Pom instead of Pappa and Mom.
Then we saw the commercial for the pomegranate juice POM Wonderful. And they started calling me Pom Wonderful. Perhaps I started that one, I don't know for sure.

So this was my judging card - Pom Wonderful
Next post will contain the exiting photos and results from Chopped - adults.

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