Monday, January 23, 2012

SO much fun

I have so much to blog about suddenly and I feel like I could burst! But I've been so busy this weekend having fun with my kids that I really haven't had time to.

If you are my facebook friend you will know that our family celebrated the Chinese New Year today with decorations, music and food. We made a fun weekend out of it. Something different and exciting to do rather than the usually boring weekend stuff.

Although making the food was fun, it was a bit stressful getting it all together in the end and produced a LOT of dishes and big mess in the kitchen so next year we have vowed to order out for our Chinese feast. I'm ok with that.

I took tons of pictures of my cute girls. I FINALLY got my fix. I've been itching to take pictures and today I got a lot of good ones I can fiddle with in Photoshop. I have some beautiful kids. As I was uploading pictures to my computer tonight I was practically squealing with excitement. They were all so awesome. The light coming through our kitchen patio door was perfect. I want to move the table completely out of the kitchen and use the dining room exclusively to eat in. That way I could use the kitchen as my studio. Yeah, I don't think Andreas will go for it either. But when you have that beautiful natural light shining through, you get some gorgeous photos as a result.

Anyway, I'll leave you will a little teaser from today:

Oh, and there were donuts. What could be better?

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