Wednesday, January 25, 2012

toilet humor

Today Emma was in the bathroom and she must have been making grunting noises or something because I heard Eden say, "Do you have a big grandpa turd or something?"

I heard this from the laundry room and started laughing and Eden came in and started laughing because I was laughing.

"What?" she said

"Grandpa turd???" I said

"yeah, don't you remember that?" she said

"no, what's that from?" I said

"You used to say that to me all the time." she said

Two things:
A) My memory is crap
B) Eden's memory is phenomenal

"NO! I don't remember that! But dang I'm funny, aren't I?"

Then she says, "You're always saying funny things."

I love that my kids think I'm funny.

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