Friday, March 9, 2012

Limo, laundry and other L-words found here!

Right now is usually the craziest time of the day. The kids are home from school and most likely already on each others nerves. I'm trying to finish up what tasks I wanted done before I begin to cook dinner. Basically my stress level goes from zero to BIG. But not so today. It was just Emma for the hour before Hanna gets home. Eden had yet another birthday party to attend. And got picked up from school in a limo....again. This time, a hummer limo. I think we are tied now for number of times riding in a limo. She's 9 and I'm 37. Hmmm, something seems wrong with that. Actually, I think I lied, I might be one ahead of her. Still. Wrooooooong.

I feel like such a spy with my big old lens poking out through the patio door, snapping pictures of children across the street. You don't see Eden in this picture because she was at the head of the line with the birthday girl. Already in the limo. What's cute is you see the limo driver helping the little girls inside. So sweet.

I can't believe the birthday parties this girl has gone to this school year. We've actually had to start cutting back a little. Maybe every other invitation or just her BFFs because it gets expensive, y'all! Oh the life of a popular girl. It's all new to me. I was never the popular one.

So anyway, my day was to consist of laundry. Our baskets were overflowing at the beginning of the week, and I've been sick since the weekend, so you can about imagine how dire the situation was becoming. When your 5 year old is asking if you would please do the laundry, it's bad.

I've had every single person in this house ask me to do laundry this week, each on a different day. I was sick for crying out loud! Today, Andreas and I were discussing the possibility of going on a day trip Saturday "but the laundry situation had to be dealt with first"....haha! Seriously, those were his words.

Code green; code green; we have a laundry situation here!

I am a procrastinator in general. When it comes to laundry, I am even more so. I leave it to once a week and I've heard from a few people that this is the wrong way to approach my laundry "situation". With 5 people in the house, I should be doing laundry every day. That seems a bit extreme to me.

But, you'll be happy to know that I've started the laundry today. I haven't gotten very far and it'll probably take me until Sunday to have it all finished. But it's definitely started. Whoo hoo!

And by the way, there is just nothing very pleasant about sorting through the dirty socks and underwear of everyone in the house. I literally hold my breath when I dig into the baskets to sort. I probably have a world record going for longest time holding your breath and don't even know it.

I sort into 7 piles: whites, colors, darks, light colored cold water, dark colored cold water, jeans, towels/sheets. It takes me a half hour just to sort it. Not kidding.

And now that I've shared all my laundering "how tos" or rather "how NOT tos" - since I'm obviously doing it wrong - you can carry on with your day. Wiser to to world of Arff laundry.


Amanda said...

hi charlotte, im stalking you on both your blog sites !!!!!
I cant believe you do washing only once a week!!! I do 2 loads every day (I have a 9kg washer which is the largest) and more when i change the sheets (usually weekly). We dont use the dryer so much in Australia. We try to hang on the clothes line as much as possible. That's a feat in itself at the moment coz we've had so much rain on and off so i hang on on a portable stand under cover outside. it can be a juggle. We could not last more than a few days coz the kids have only got 3 school uniforms each.
Re the limo situation - its ridiculous isnt it ? !!! kids were ordering stretch limos for their year 6 farewell dinner (ages 11 and 12) and the teachers put a stop to that and so they should. what will they do for their wedding? i'm old fahion like that, kids should be kids!!
Do you live near the school? that would be handy for drop offs :)

Rana said...

Hi Charlotte - totally agree with you on the laundry, hate it when it piles up - this is what I do, one load a day - I keep a basket/hamper in each bedroom and wash one basket each day (I don't sort the kids' clothes - makes it easier - everything in each load goes back to the same bedroom - wash on cold) on the days you don't have a full basket from the bedrooms do sheets/towels. This has made doing laundry MUCH less time-consuming. :)