Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tonight: a great end to a great week

We've been really letting our creative energy out this past week. And I wanted to show you the end result. But first, I had been meaning to post a picture of Eden's family tree that we made for girl scouts. It turned out super cute. The white paper with green ribbon around it holds a family favorite recipe and the gold envelope that says "treasure" holds "family secrets".

Such a fun project!

This next picture is the back side of Hanna's LaLaLoopsy house.
Sorry about the glare.

The front side. Again, sorry it's blurry.

And next is Emma's finished house.

Her very special "garden room".

And a table we made out of an empty ribbon spool.


I think I already showed Eden's finished house in a previous post.
They had a blast - beginning to end: from picking out fabric and detail
to painting, and taping and gluing
and seeing it all come together.
And finally, getting to play with them!

Our week of spring break was really great. Even Andreas said that he was surprised at how well it went because he thought for sure by day 2 I would be tearing my hair out and wishing they were back in school. It was good to have something to keep them busy with.
And spending a night at the Ramada was a HUGE hit. Swimming was fun for them. I mostly sat with my legs in the hot tub. It was almost too hot to fully submerge myself. I swam too, and went down the water slide. Good times. None of us wanted to leave.

Hanna and Eden are gone for the weekend and all of our projects are completed.
My baby has been crying at night because she knows that her vacation is coming to an end and she doesn't want to go back to school. It breaks my heart.
2/3rds of the kindergarten year is over and she still isn't crazy about school.
"The kids are too loud"
"I don't have time to finish my pictures"
...and various other reasons why she wants to stay home with Mama.
It almost makes me want to home school her. She is my precious baby and I hate to see
her so sad.
Tonight she gets to spend a little time with Gram which will take her mind off of school looming. She loves it over at Gram's house. And Gram loves when she is there.
Andreas and I are meeting my two sisters and brother (and their spouses) at Billiards tonight where we shall school them at pool...teehee. Probably not. But it'll still be fun.

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