Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The weekend

Saturday morning was glorious. The sun was shining and it was hot. I had a tank top and shorts on. We took down our Christmas lights from outside. Then decided it would be fun to try out my new bike I got for Christmas with Emma's tag-a-long. We just went around the block, maybe 5 minutes. It got super windy and cold in just as much time. So we spent the rest of the day inside. Until the evening when we took the kids to the circus. It was a blast. We had great seats and saw some impressive acts.

Sunday, I spent the morning fighting with the girls to get ready for church. Honestly, I don't know how it is that we can't seem to make it out the door without some sort of issues EVERY Sunday. Church isn't until 11:00, so you would think there would be enough time to get everybody ready. I'm trying to get myself ready, plus encourage 3 girls to get ready, get us all fed, and out the door in time to pick up Grandma and get to the church by 11:00. Some days are better than others. But this Sunday in particular was a bugger.

Eden insists on wearing a dress that is too small for her. So I dig out something that fits her and is pretty. She doesn't want to wear THAT particular outfit, for no apparent reason other than to be obstinate. So we compromise on a different dress and braid her hair all cute. After a while, she comes into my room as I'm getting ready and sits on my bed and starts pouting. I'm trying to ignore it because I know that whatever it is she is pouting about this time, I'm not going to give in. But it gets to me after a while and I finally say "what IS it, Eden?".

"I want my hair down."

"Fine. We'll take your hair down."

Still, that doesn't seem to satisfy her. "What?"

"I don't want to wear this."

"But it was fine a half hour ago. What's changed?"

"I want to show you something." she perks up a little now.

Turns out, she's been digging in my summer closet and has found my beach cover up dresses. She desperately wants to wear one.




"But mom......"

"Its WAY too big for you."

You know where this is going, right? I eventually gave in after probably 2 hours of her relentless pouting, following me around, whining and just being a huge pain in the butt.

"Fine. Wear it. But it's going to look funny."

And wear it she did. I thought she looked ridiculous but my mom said she looked nice. "It's really no different than you with your long skirt on." she says.

"Really? Cuz mine actually fits me. It's supposed to go down to the ankle".

Whatever, some battles I just have to learn to let go.

Then there is Hanna, who insists on wearing the same sweat shirt and sweat pants. Over and over and over. Seriously, I hardly see her in anything else. I got over the fact that she is always in sweatshirts, but at least she used to vary them. This one she always wears now is all I ever see on her. It drives me bonkers. And she wears these pants to school for days on end, sleeps in them, and then thinks she going to wear them to church? Ew. No. I made her go change. She was not happy with me either. But she put up far less of a fight than Eden did.

Emma wanted to wear something else too, but she got over it in less than a minute so it wasn't a big deal. Her deal was that 30 seconds before we were to get into the car and leave, she had a headache and she was hungry. "I want cereal." Couldn't have done that, oh say, a half hour ago? I asked her, "Do you want to stay home?" (actually I was trying to convince her she should stay home).

"Nooooooo, I wanna goooooooo."

Well, at least 2 out of the 3 kids like to go to church. That's a plus.

It started out kinda hairy but the day ended well. We went to a birthday party at a friend's house. It was just what I needed. Awesome time. The kids took home some swag and got to eat rainbow cake. Then we took them to the grocery store at one of the busiest times of the week, came home and ate dinner, then spent a relaxing evening watching new Futurama episodes.

This was the beautiful weather for the first couple hours of the morning,
before we had to put the winter coats back on.
It's like Denmark weather.

So happy she finally got her "glow up" Sketchers. Mom held out for a sale PLUS
a coupon in the mail. Got a great deal!

Princess Lizzy, eating a treat.

And Eden, Miss Squint. She refuses to wear sunglasses.
I always wear mine. Sunny or cloudy.

Hanna was inside with a friend. So no photos of her, as usual.

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