Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This was Emma's first time on skis. Last year, we pulled her along in a sled (aka pulk).

Here she is demonstrating how to go down a big hill, as per Pappa's instructions.

Don't worry, she eventually got it right.

And they're off!

Below is the first "big" hill Emma had to try and make it up. It was an agonizing 15 minutes (at least) of her falling and crying and getting frustrated until I finally came down to help her. I'm not as patient as Pappa so I was a little more firm with her. I was not about to spend the rest of this gorgeous afternoon listening to a 5 year old cry every time she couldn't make it up a hill.
One too many, "this isn't any fun" and "this is the worst day ever" for me.

So I instructed Pappa to ski back to the van, unload his giant backpack filled with extra clothes we wouldn't need while I helped her up the hill.
As soon as he took off with Hanna back to the van, I took Emma's skis off and made her walk up the hill. Once she was at the top we waited for the other two to come back.
And waited....
and waited....
and waited...
Finally, after we got sick of just standing around, Eden, Emma and I decided to slowly make our way down one of the trails, thinking they would catch up any minute.
They never did.
Emma ended up walking almost the entire length of the trail until we were just about back to the lodge, then she finally wanted to try her skis again. This time, she was much more willing to try the skis and miraculously was also much steadier.

This is where we were standing around waiting for Andreas and Hanna.

Below is at the end of our first round when she decided she liked to ski after all. It was amazing how fast she picked up on it once she mentally decided she wanted to try and that it actually was fun.

Notice the short sleeves? The weather could not have been more perfect. Almost too warm!

This odd hat is of some significance, although I can't remember what exactly. Something from school, perhaps?

This is a picture from after we had just gotten our skis on.

After we made our first loop separately, we met up with Pappa and Hanna at the van, and ate a late afternoon snack of bread and cheese, oranges and chocolate, we were ready to head out again. Together this time. And I can't tell you how impressed I was by Emma. She was a totally different girl from a few hours earlier. We took a different trail and it had a couple pretty steep and fast hills. I was nervous going down them myself, so I couldn't believe this first timer, age 5, headed down fearlessly, knees bent, poles tucked in at her sides. And didn't even fall!

In my next post I will have to tell you about how Lizzy took it when she discovered we were all leaving for the day.

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