Monday, June 20, 2011

Central Lakes Trail

We went walking down the central lakes trail, starting at Delagoon Park in Fergus Falls on Saturday. This is a completely paved trail and you could go for miles and miles and miles.....

We were smart, we brought our Radio Flyer wagon along so Emma didn't have to walk the entire time. It was a perfect day. Nice temperature, not too windy, a little cloud cover - perfect. Although we didn't get too far (we estimated that we probably only ventured 3 miles), we got to stop for a lovely picnic out smack dab in the middle of nature. Just the way I like it! I would love to bike it sometime. The only problem I see with that is finding a way to get all of our bikes to Fergus Falls.

I had my camera with, hoping to find some incredible nature shots. The meager stretch we walked wasn't too overly exciting. Although we did cross the Continental divide, if you call that exciting. I was able to snap a few photos of my beautiful girls (Hanna wasn't along for this trip).

I can't decide on one style of editing. And why should I when there are so many creative ways to edit a photograph?!

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