Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scandinavian Festival

What a wonderful afternoon we had at the Scandinavian festival! One of the really awesome things about the festival is the food. You buy tickets and make your way to the country of your choice and purchase from a variety of dishes. Today, Andreas chose the Danish Frickadeller, Emma had Danish Æbleskiver (pancake balls) and I had the smoked salmon (or Lax) on bread from the Icelandic table.

Then for dessert, Andreas and Emma went to Cafe Svea for some toscakaka (Swedish Almond Cake) and Krumkake. This trip had Andreas begging for smorgastorta which is basically a rich sandwich layered and frosted like a cake. Delicious. I made it once. Once.

Andreas made me taste the toscakaka. He said, "I don't care what you say, you HAVE to taste this." So I had a tiny bite and OH MY DEAR HEAVEN. See, this is why when I try to eat clean I can't have little tempting bites like this so I know what wonderful culinary masterpieces I am missing out on. Simply divine.

This wonderful man was making the biggest Æbleskiver I have ever seen. We have a pan but they make balls about half this size. These were HUGE. Thanks for letting me take your picture, Mr. whoever you are.

Emma coloring her Icelandic flag necklace. Very meticulously. For like twenty minutes. While mama stood by, patiently, resisting the urge to grab the paint marker and finish it up in 10 seconds.

Inside the Stave church.

Such beautiful architecture.

Andreas, dutifully holding my big mama purse while I snap photos. Here he was moments away from pretending he was going to hurl the bag (with my very expensive macro lens inside) into the air. I'm so glad he is secure enough in his manhood to go around with me far enough behind him so that no one would know he was actually holding this purse for me.

Andreas was reliving the best day of his life. The day he married me, of course! We got married in this very church.

These lovely ladies let me take their picture. The one on the right did the embroidery on the skirt. Very intricate and beautiful.

And the Hardinger dancers, all the way from Norway!

Emma, getting a bird's eye view.

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