Friday, June 10, 2011

Night out, cleaning, and the dog. Always the dog.

Andreas and I on our way to a cocktail party at Microsoft.
Doesn't he look dashing???!!!
I think we should find a reason to dress up like this
and go out once a week. When
you are a stay at home mom
you don't have to look nice. The toilet doesn't care
what you look like when you are scrubbing it.

Speaking of cleaning, yesterday was a productive day for me. I took the entire day and devoted it to getting the house totally cleaned so that I could just relax and soak up the sun over the weekend. After dinner, I took a cup of coffee into the living room and sat down [finally] to unwind in a clean living room. Then Andreas comes in with the dog and the nail trimmer.
I said, "Are you going to do that in here????"
He said nothing.
Ok, I guess he is. I wasn't thrilled about it because obviously I spent all day cleaning and didn't want dog hair and nails all over. Anyway, after a while he says, "Oh, she's bleeding, lets get her in the kitchen". And sure enough, there was blood all over the carpet.
He had clipped one of her nails too short. And it didn't just bleed a little. It was pooling.
Poor thing.
So I go fetch the carpet cleaner so I can clean the blood out of the carpet and he says,
"leave it, I'll do it"
I said, "No, you go fix your dog!"
He felt really bad. He was in the laundry room (which is also Lizzy's room) all evening with her so she wouldn't have to be alone. She couldn't be out because she would get blood all over.
It's almost like when she was in heat.
This morning, she got blood on the carpet again so she is in her room.
I feel bad for her. I really really do. But I can't have her bleeding all over my carpet.
We tried wrapping it too, but she just wants to chew it off.
He went to PetSmart this morning and bought some styptic powder. I really hope that helps.
When it comes to this dog, I think "what next??"

Poor Lizzy bear :(

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Carmen said...

You guys looked GREAT! And I always love hearing Lizzy stories.