Sunday, June 5, 2011

A day at the zoo and a lost shoe

Yes, we went to the zoo today. We tried going last night around 7:30 but they close at 7pm. We got ice cream instead. Today we made it though. It was interesting.

The first exhibit we saw was the wolves. Pappa bear lifted Emma up onto the railing so she could see them better because they were all sleeping in the grass. And of her flip flops fell off and into the wolf pen. Not two seconds later, the wolves were there, got the shoe and took it away to chew it. Meanwhile, Pappa is saying "Drop it!". It doesn't work on Lizzy, why would it work on a wolf?

The one on the right is chewing on it. Glad he didn't drop Emma in.

Moving on...

Fairly uneventful, except that Emma had to proceed the rest of the zoo visit shoeless. I was very embarrassed. I think Andreas was too because he was moving rather quickly through all the exhibits.
"Here we have the reptiles, and there's some farm animals and over there I see some birds to our right. Ok, are we ready to go now?"

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