Friday, June 17, 2011

Teddy Bear Parade

This morning, I took Emma and Eden to the teddy bear parade. It's a cute little parade that anyone who wants to join in and donate a food item can do. Kids of all ages, along with their stuffed animal friends, walk a small stretch of road and end up at Island Park for inflatable games, food, prizes, etc. A full day of cheap and easy fun!

I knew it was supposed to rain today, which is why I switched purses. I changed from my cutesy little polka dot purse to a big leather mama purse that would hold my camera, an extra lens, some snacks and a couple small umbrellas. Of course, in the usual dash out the door at the last possible moment, I forgot to throw in the umbrellas. I realized this on the way but didn't want to turn around. It was looking cloudy but I thought we'd probably be ok.

We got there just in time to watch the parade (we weren't "in" it this year because Eden wanted the candy that some kids toss out), and then went to the park to try out the new playground equipment. After that, Eden found the spinning wheel that she was excited for. Only bummer about it was, right before her turn, they took out one of the 4s (which was the hot number - you got a beanie baby if you hit a 4) because too many kids were getting lucky, I think. So she only got a cheap little paddle, but it isn't about the prizes, it's about the fun.

It was sprinkling a little by this time. No big deal. We hit a few more games, got more prizes and candy then off to the "bumpers" - which look like overstuffed tubes with handles that the kids run around in and bump each other like bumper cars. Emma was doing great, bumping the big boys over a few times. But as soon as someone bumped her over, she'd get mad. After 3 bumps big enough to make her fall over, she was DONE.

While I was consoling my baby's bruised ego and reassuring her that the dirt on her clothes could be cleaned, it started to rain. Luckily this park has huge trees with lots of cover. We stood under a tree, getting a few drops here and there, but the leaves on the branches above were serving us well as an umbrella. In no time at all it pretty much started pouring. Some people were huddled under tents and trees but most were making a run for their cars. I stood there debating whether we should just hang out, see if it stops soon or make a run for the car. The unappealing thing about going for the car was that we had to park pretty far away and if we left the shelter of our tree, we would be soaking wet before we got there. But we were already getting soaked and Emma was starting to cry because she was freezing and I figured even if the rain did stop, we'd all be cold and miserable. I was also concerned about my camera, which was in my purse.

Another funny story: I had my nice camera and BIG lens in my bag. I debated bringing it - because it gets to be so heavy lugging that thing around. But I figured, when I don't have it, I always want it. So I put it in my big mama purse. Lucky for me it was leather and kept the rain out! But, the funny part is, I took it out to use it (before the rain of course), turned it on and I get the "NO CARD" message. CRAP! I had forgotten to put the memory card back in the camera after uploading my last batch of pictures onto the computer. UGH! So I've been carrying this 50lb bag (ok, not quite) around all morning for nothing!

Also (before the rain), I was getting hungry so I decided to grab my apple I brought with me (you know, so I wouldn't have the urge to binge on fry bread tacos, pizza and Italian ice) but I couldn't find it. I emptied the entire contents of my bag out onto the grass to find it but got nothing. What the heck? I know I put it in there! Then it came to me, when we were in the van, getting ready to head out, Eden was showing me this charm of hers and accidentally dropped it in my purse. I had to take everything out of my purse to find the charm and I guess I didn't put the apple back in. When it comes to eating, I am on such a strict and rhythmic schedule that when it gets disturbed, I tend to panic a little. I am always prepared when I leave the house, so that if I am running into snack or meal time, I have something portable and healthy with me. If I don't, and I get too hungry, I get dizzy and crabby. I don't understand people who go 5 hours or more between meals.

Not our best morning. But we did get a chance to have a little fun. It was even fun getting rained on. A little cold, but kind of exciting. My camera stayed safe and dry. And I got to eat my apple in the van on the drive home ;)

I am sitting here actually thinking about going back (with umbrellas this time) just to get a giant bag of kettle corn for the kids and finish up the fun we left behind. But we'll see.

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