Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the 4th

It has been a fun filled 3 days. Lots of fun in the sun. Unfortunately we didn't get to see fireworks last night due to there being tornado warnings and severe thunderstorms in the area, but it was still a wonderful 4th of July. (fyi - we didn't get any wind damage this time)

We finally got the pool set up in the back yard and the kids were out there all afternoon splashing around. Even I took a couple leaps off the ladder into the cool water. It felt really nice after being outside all day. I actually got flowers put in my pots out front. Kind of funny that I waited until July to do it. Andreas got the raspberry bushes planted and now all that is left to plant are the grapes. It was such a productive day that at 4:00 pm, Andreas asked me "Did you eat anything for lunch?" and I said no. We had both been so busy that we forgot to eat and hadn't had anything since breakfast! That's pretty much unheard of, for me at least.

A friend of Andreas' from work came over to visit last night which was really cool. We rarely get visitors so it was kind of a treat. The dog did pretty well after the initial freak out over someone new in the house. We had dinner and dessert then went downstairs to play Halo. I have never sucked so bad at anything in my life. Not even kidding. If there were an award you could win for being the worst player on earth, I would get it, hands down. It was fun though. They giggle and laugh just like kids when they play. Then all of a sudden the tornado sirens went off and we were like "what??" completely oblivious.

It got pretty dark and scary looking. After watching the news and looking at the radar it appeared we would get pummeled but we didn't get much more than some rain and a little wind. Nothing major, thank goodness. I didn't like the idea of spending another fortune repairing our fence.

Today is the last day Andreas is home before everything returns back to normal. The weather looks gorgeous again today so I'm sure we'll be spending the day outside. Just the way I like it! Summer sun, keep on shining! (but take a day off once in a while so I can clean the house and do the laundry)

Pictures to come!

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Carmen said...

Sounds like a GREAT 4th!!