Friday, July 1, 2011

Iron Chef Arff Household

I totally want to be a professional food photographer. I need to work on my skills though. I don't know how to photograph food and make it look exciting. I think that is partly due to the fact that when I cook, I just slap stuff on a plate and call it good. There's no real presentation there. Something to work on I guess.

Bigs and I want to have our own little version of Iron Chef this weekend. We've actually been talking about it for a while now. Our favorite shows to watch together are Iron Chef, Chopped, & a plethora of other Food Network shows. Although we rarely watch them. It's kind of like House Hunters International on HGTV - love that show. But it's on at 6:00pm. So unless I have dinner on the table by 5:15, I don't get to watch it. Of course it's usually on again at like 9:30, but again, unless I'm feeling like staying up "late" I don't watch it.

Anyway, we thought it would be fun to let the girls pick the secret ingredient and then we could have a cook off and they could judge. And to be sure we wouldn't have to cook culinary masterpieces with hot dogs, we'll give them a list of 6 or so items to choose from, then they can decide. We would definitely have to give them a plate A & B though, instead of letting them know who cooked what, otherwise I'm thinking they would pick mine just because that's what they do. Mom's the best. At everything. All the time.

Doesn't that sound fun? Then maybe I can practice my food photography skills. For now, this is all I got:

coffee beans, cha cha cha

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Carin said...

We have Iron Chef Kassa household all the time only its me competing with the fridge to come up with something from the ingredients I can find in there! Good thing there is usually fresh fruit and some type of protein...last night the winner was homemade breakfast burritos with grapes, watermelon, strawberries and blueberries. The kids like them so I defeated the fridge again. I am nearly unbeatable. :)