Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Things I am thankful for lately

1) Kashi honey almond flax cereal
2) my mom
3) Courts Plus
4) the game "flush" on my Windows phone
5) maletonin
6) candles
7) coffee
8) iPod
9) Lightroom
10) chapstick

Not to make light of the obvious things to be thankful for: home, loving family, everything I need and more, etc.

We had parent/teacher conferences for Emma and Eden today. And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my AWESOME children!

Academically, Emma is doing very well in kindergarten. But she has little break downs......often. Usually, it's over something really small. She is like that at home too. It is just her perfectionist personality. If she screws up on a drawing, for instance, she'll freak out and cry about it for 20 minutes. Her teacher wasn't sure if it was anxiety, missing me because being in school all day is a big change, or what. But other than that, she is sweet, respectful, listens well, has friends and really seems to enjoy school for the most part. I am really proud of my little 5 year old girl. Growing up too fast.

Eden...oh where do I begin to talk about Eden? She is a phenomenal girl. Always has been. She happens to have the same teacher she had in 1st grade and she was SO excited when she found out she would have her again. Eden loves her teacher and her teacher seems to share that same adoration for Eden. Mrs. S says it has been wonderful seeing Eden excelling in everything she does. She's a super student and is such a joy to have in the classroom. All the kids love her, boys and girls. Whenever they have to pair up for tasks, everyone always wants to be with Eden. When it's share time, they all laugh at her stories. She is very much a loved girl. And it's no surprise, she has such a great sense of humor and fun personality. I was beaming with pride when I left that classroom today. And as we left, we said thank you to Mrs. S and she replied, "Thank YOU....for Eden". It was very sweet.

I am lucky. I couldn't have asked for better children. Now I have to remember that when they are arguing AGAIN or not doing what I asked them to do for the 50th time ;)

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