Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fright Night

I was a mummy last night for Halloween. Little kids were very unsure of me. I was wrapped up in about 10 or so bandages with 8 packages of cheesecloth over the top. It took forever. Luckily I didn't have to use the bathroom at all.
The cashier at the store had asked me what I was using all the cheesecloth for and when I told her she commended me on my creative choice.

I have to note that these pictures were taken by my husband and I thought his night photography turned out super spooky.

Once again, we had our little set up on the front porch. Severed fingers, an ear, some bones and blood....you know, typical gross Halloween stuff. Not over the top though. Andreas isn't as big of a fan of Halloween gore as I am. I'll go for anything. Except zombie babies. Even that is a bit much for me.

I had my bubbling cauldron going, my fog machine (until it crapped out for no apparent reason), spooky music coming from an open window. It was sort of slap dash because I've been feeling less than 100% lately and wasn't really in the mood to get too crazy with the decor.

We didn't have a shortage of comments though. That's always the best part, hearing people say how cool it is. Even the bigger kids would walk by and say "oh, we have to stop at that house". Speaking of older kids, we had a LOT of teenagers last night. I'm talking high school age.

I was inside handing out candy until I got too hot and had to sit outside. As the kids came to the door you could tell they were freaked out because they couldn't tell if I was real or not. So I went with it and sat really still. Hanna was sitting outside in my zombie bride costume for a little while and kids were pretty freaked out by her too.

I love Halloween. It's one night where you can be anything you want to be. Everything goes. Heck, even one guy was running around the streets in nothing but skimpy underwear. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

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