Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It started with a small idea

And ended up being a BIG project.
One that has taken us a couple days already.
And we still aren't completely finished.

Hanna's house still needs the roof put on. But she started decorating the outside of her house while I was helping the other two get the inner structures done.

Emma's house also needs a roof. But at least we got the basic structure done.

I was so happy that everything (for the most part) turned out how they wanted it to. The chandeliers were a cute touch.

I have to say that I like Eden's house the best so far and I think that is mainly because I love the attic. The houses look so much better with the roof on.

She also had me cut out a doorway for her little balcony she made. Awesome.

The rooms they did were so cute.

Emma's cherry heart room

Emma's "space" room, as she calls it. Not sure why. It has a gold floor and gold trim, maybe that's why?

Eden's damask chandelier room with the balcony, my personal favorite.

 Hanna's theater room was fun.

These were just a few I wanted to share.

So proud of their creativity!
Like I said, this was a big project. I knew it was going to be a lot of work. But we needed something to occupy our time over break. And once we get involved in a project, we all just want to work and work and work until it's done. Thankfully we all are alike in that respect. That was the way it happened with the home made dolls. Remember that post?

Anyway, as soon as I stumbled downstairs this morning, I was recruited into helping with the houses we'd started the previous day. We must have been in our pjs until almost noon. Eating was quick bites here and there. The day was spent solely on getting these houses done.
And we still aren't completely done. There are many cute finishing touches that need to be added.
And these are the things that I'm excited about. Really making them individual and whimsical and quirky.
I suppose we will be doing that most of the day tomorrow. At least until 3:00 - because that's when my mini vacation with the girls begins. Checking in to a hotel and swimming 'till they kick us out!
So far, spring break has been awesome.
I'm glad we've been able to spend so much time together doing something fun instead of each of us off doing our own thing. I'm glad I had that lightbulb moment.
As Hanna said, "I'm so glad you thought of this awesome idea!".
And she doesn't say that kind of thing very often ;)

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sue said...

you are such a creative and good momma. I wish I had that insite to do these types of things when my kids were young.. THey will have great memories.. good for you!!