Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's whatev

This week started out blah. I don't know if it had to do with the clouds, or the ritual of climbing the Monday laundry mountain, or that I went a couple days without doing a single thing that even remotely resembled exercise. Maybe it was because I knew I had so much to do and just felt utterly overwhelmed by it. OR, maybe I'm just a big whiner.

But, whatever it was, I seem to be over it. I had a nice quiet evening with my husband last night while the kids had a sleepover at Gram's house. We were able to talk without interruptions (aside from Lizzy barking for attention). And we watched a good movie. It was nice to relax.

I skipped my run last night, in fact, I've skipped a lot of them in the past week. But as long as I still lift weights every other day, I don't feel like an entire failure. I prefer weight training to running anyway.

My kids have 6 days in a row at home starting today. Two convention days and two professional development days and then a weekend in the middle. Pretty cool! It's just too bad we didn't take advantage of it and leave town. I sort of planned a skating party for Hanna's birthday on Saturday anyway. It might be a small turn out though, not a lot of her friends are able to go.

Hanna is going to be 13 next Wednesday. WOW! It's just insane to think that I will be a mother to a teenage girl. It's not like I was overly young when I had her either. I was 23. Still, it seems like not that long ago I was 13. And I certainly don't feel 35! I guess that is what matters. I feel young even though Hanna tells me I'm old. Just yesterday she said that and I was like "35 is NOT old!". But, I probably thought the same thing when I was her age. I said, "35 is the new 16." lol

Halloween is approaching fast and I still don't have all my decorations up! Probably won't do it until that Sunday, just because I know Lizzy would be constantly trying to eat everything. New toys! I wonder how Christmas is going to go? I have a ton of decorations and I will refuse to leave them in boxes because of the dog! This could be war!

Ok, I've rambled long enough about nothing in particular. I'm off to pump some iron.

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