Tuesday, October 19, 2010

wow, did she just say that?

Is it just me, or is the entire world overly sensitive about EVERYTHING these days?

I am more afraid to talk to people than ever! And I'm a fairly quiet person to begin with. I hate to say something that might offend someone or come off as too brash.

It's partly just my personality. And it's also partly because, quite honestly, I really like to be tactful. But then I became aware that I was agreeing with everyone about everything, whether or not I really did agree. How pathetic. Somewhere along the way I lost myself, and felt like my own opinions didn't matter. Maybe I didn't think I was smart enough to debate an issue in a way that made any sense. Or maybe, I just didn't feel strongly enough about anything that would require me to voice an opinion at all.

But still, I used to pride myself on being a little shy and introverted. Then I could look at overly loud and opinionated people as more shocking and offensive than myself. It's better to just keep my mouth shut than be ruffling any feathers. That's how I have always thought.

I'm growing tired of it though. Because, you know what, some people are going to get their panties in a wad because you said the word blue on a Tuesday, it's that ridiculous. You can pretty much say anything to me and I'm not going to be offended. Easy going. Tell me I have a jiggly butt, I may not like it, I may also know that it's true, but I'm probably not going to hate you for it.

p.s. please don't tell me my butt is jiggly, I have low self esteem

p.p.s. my dog is snoring, it's adorable. it's also adorable when she has audible farts, looks at her butt, then looks up at you as if to say "what just happened?"

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