Monday, October 11, 2010

Natural Light

I am always trying to take better photos so I read up on the techniques of photography quite often. Recently I read that it doesn't matter what kind of camera you have, you can take great pictures....if you know how. To put it another way, you could have all the top of the line equipment and still take crappy photos.

And one tip I have learned that I think is quite nice, doesn't cost a dime. Natural light. A great photo is all about the light. Not high noon sun either. You have to look around a little to get the perfect light.

Yesterday, about noon, I took Eden outside in search of this "perfect light". And I think I found a pretty good area in our front yard for that time of day. It was a sunny day, but I took her to the shady corner of the yard, where the light was gorgeous on her skin and eyes.

I still have trouble achieving what I want at times. And my camera can be so decieving. I had taken a bunch of photos in the same setting because on my camera's screen they looked to be exposed perfectly. I was so excited to upload them to the computer and take a look on a larger screen. But I was let down when I realized that probably half or more of the photos were overexposed. UGH! I tend to like my photos on the bright side anyway, so at least I could work with most of them. Thank goodness for editing software.

It's a constant experiment full of trial and error. But I guess that's what makes it exciting and challenging. I have already learned so much in the past year since getting my camera and I hope to continue reading and absorbing more so I can get better and better. I would love to turn this hobby into a career someday!

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