Sunday, October 24, 2010

Silly bands

What is the deal with these things? When Eden first showed me a few that her friends had given her, and then asked me to buy some for her I was like, "Why? When they are in your hair, nobody knows the shape anyway."

Well, stupid OLD me, they don't go in your hair, DUH! They go on your wrist, where you can then show them, exchange them with friends, or just let them fester a good old stinky rash on your arm (which is what I would assume could happen in you wore them constantly).

Anyway, this is Eden's collection of silly bands, which are ALL THE RAGE among her friends. Even kids Hanna's age in middle school are sporting them. Eden has quite a few but she insists on getting more because, "some of my friends have both arms covered!". Well, ok. They aren't expensive or hard to come by or anything. I just don't like the fact that it takes you 5 years to take them on and off. Nor do I want you to look like you have casted your arms with rubber.

I can't wait to see what it is next month.

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Jennifer said...

That last one is a great shot! had no idea those silly bands could look so pretty.

Luckily V is either too young or too unfashionable to care about such things yet. Perhaps we should teach our daughters to make friendship bracelets.