Thursday, October 28, 2010

"WOW, what a hole" quote Home Alone 2

This is the giant gaping hole in our fence that the wind left us with. I heard on the news that the gusts were as strong as a category 3 hurricane. I don't know what that means, but it sounds pretty bad. I always thought you could compare North Dakota winds to hurricane.

Not only has this hole left us feeling exposed and without a cozy secure border surrounding our home, but the dog can no longer go out unless she is on a leash. Heaven forbid she go play in traffic. Eh hem. Maybe you remember me cursing the dog in a previous post for standing at the door all day long wanting out, then in, then out again and well, you get the idea. Now I get to bundle up and go out and in with her. Oh. Joy.

You also may remember how I was the LAST person in the house that wanted a giant shedding, slobbering poop machine (not another one, anyway), and it took quite a lot of convincing on the part of my loving family before I finally caved. Isn't it ironic how I am the lucky one to be home with her all day? Don't ya think?

No, I'm not bitter. I've still got one card on the table. And I'd like to call that card......a cat. Andreas HATES cats. Much to my dismay because I rather fancy them. Stinky litter box and all. Can't be any worse than the 20 plus pee stains the dog has blessed our cream colored carpet with. Definitely can't shed any more. AND, I'm pretty sure I won't get bowled over by a witto puddy tat. Muahahahahaha!!

Oh. It's on.

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