Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My hairy baby

Lizzy bear, my baby bear, is 8 months now. I love her and hate her at the same time. Ok, I don't really hate her, but she definitely has qualities that I dislike. I need to remind myself daily that she is still just a puppy, so it's ok for her to act like one, but it's so hard to think of a ginormous 80 pound dog as a puppy.

I decided that if I made a pros and cons type of list, it might help me appreciate her more. So here goes.

To be annoyed:
1)All that damn fur everywhere. Right after I just vacuumed, Lizzy? Really?
2)I can't know for sure how much of that fur we have eaten. It's on EVERYTHING. (sorry in advance to my upcoming holiday guests - hope you like hair pie. Wait....that didn't sound right...)
3)It's like living with a giant termite. One step on our beautiful staircase is permanently disfigured.
4)Counter tops are no longer safe....for anything.
5)There's so much fur!!!
6)I want out. I want in. I want out. I want in. I want out...
7)I'm gonna bark at that plastic bag....for an hour. Then, I'll bark at you for telling me to shut up.
8)It's a two person job to answer the door anymore.
9)Slime trails on my pants. It looks like snot. It looks like I've actually sneezed in my hands and wiped it all over my pants.
10)Stop. Just stop, for the love of GOD! Stop stealing clothes, important papers and everything else I don't want destroyed by your teeth!

WOW - that was way too easy. Now, to come up with the love list:
2)no wait, I'll think of something...
3)ok, ok I'm kidding. I guess you are kinda cute when you flop yourself over my legs when I'm sitting on the couch like you are a little lap dog.
4)It's a little annoying when you poke your snout on my butt to get my attention, but it's also a little funny.
5)You give me a good reason to get outside for a walk, even though it pretty much takes all my strength to keep you from chasing leaves.
6)I won't be the one pulling the kids on the sled this winter! HAHAHAHA
7)I love how you follow me everywhere because you want to be with me. You are a good companion.
8)I love how excited you get when I let you out of your room in the morning.
9)I like how you shake your leg when we rub a certain spot on your belly
10)I like your ability to lay completely flat on your belly, arms and legs out to the sides, it still makes me laugh
11)I love how people will comment on your size and then about faint when I tell them that you are still a puppy!
12)It's funny as hell when you fart. Smelly, but funny.
13)You are cute, lovable, silly, and you're ours! That's what I love, Lizzy.

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