Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Connie doll"

We have been talking about making home made dolls for about a week now. Today we finally tackled the project. All three of my girls and I, in the kitchen sewing dolls, all day. This is what Emma's doll, "Star Bird Princess" (as she has named her) looks like. Except now she has a mouth. I love how her button eyes are different sizes. It makes her whimsical.

Eden and Hanna's dolls look similar except they don't have hair quite yet. I didn't have enough yarn for that laying around.

Not too bad considering we just whipped them up out of an old flannel sheet. Tomorrow the girls want to make brand new clothes for them.

Eden got this book from her Grammy about a little girl wanting a "Connie" doll so badly but her mother didn't like the way they looked so she wouldn't buy her one. Frustrated, the little girl decides to make her own doll.

I'm proud of my girls. They did a lot of the work themselves. Especially Hanna. Even though she begged me all day to do the hard parts, I thought it was important that she tried on her own so that she could learn. And they did a very good job.

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Jennifer said...

There is nothing better than crafting with your babies. How fun!