Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sew done!

Well, I packed up all my sewing crap from the dining room table, because it was starting to become impossible to find the table, and got it all put away and clean for Easter Sunday. It's just more relaxing in a clean space. And it was good.

So what did I do last night? Well, I sat with my nightly cup of coffee and watched an episode of House Hunters International (my favorite) after dinner. Then I got up and paced around the house, like usual, looking for something to do. I ended up dragging all the sewing crap out again. Because I had fabric for a bag that I wanted to make for myself just calling out my name. So, I sewed the bag and went to bed at 9:30. Then I realized I wasn't tired and shouldn't I get up and make my wallet too? So I got up, sewed a wallet that matches my bag (with cool little credit card holders and everything) and went back to bed before 11:30.

So that's the bag. I made the handles extra long so I could use it as a purse.

And there is my wallet tucked inside all snuggly with my keys and sunglasses.

I am officially retiring from sewing now. Probably. Well, at least I'm not buying any more fabric for a while. I guess I still have a drawstring backpack that I want to make. Then I'll be done. No really, I will.

Oh, and just to show you, I finally put hair on Eden's doll. She doesn't want her to have a mouth I guess so she's done. I also made the dress. Eden picked out the fabric, she calls it her Easter dress. She wouldn't let me cut off the excess length so it's pretty long. It was just supposed to be a little bit on the bottom but whatever, it's her doll. I didn't have a pattern so I was quite surprised at how well it turned out. Nothing too impressive but that fabric isn't exactly super easy to work with.

I got Hanna's doll's hair on also. She choose brown hair. I switched Emma's doll hair to the nice thick yarn too. The stuff I used first was really thin and didn't look very good. But it was all I had laying around the house. So all three "connies" are done. Rapunzel, StarBird Princess, and I can't remember what Hanna named hers.

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