Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Sewing

Not sure what is up with me but I went to the fabric store. Again.

I made this bag for my mom. But I was in too much of a rush and forgot to put the cute little pocket on the inside. Oh well. I can't even believe how quick and easy it is to make stuff like this. I might be hooked. The only thing I really dislike about the whole project is the blind stitching at the end. I really suck at it because I have little patience and skill for it. I'm sure it is something that would improve over time. And if I keep making these things, I'll have a lot of practice under my belt.

This is the fabric for my next one. I'll try not to forget the pocket this time.


Carmen said...

That is soooo cute!! I seriously want one!!

Charlotte said...

Well, I will seriously make you one! I have feeling I will have more than I know what to do with before long ;)

Carmen said...

I seriously want one! I love bags!