Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Raspberry jelly

I attempted a quick and dirty version of raspberry jelly today. I don't care if it's perfectly set or runny. I only made enough for me. I didn't use sugar, I used stevia and no sugar added pectin. So basically berries, water, pectin and stevia. All I want is to have some natural jelly (no sugar added) to eat now and then. You can't get that at the store. Sure, you can get 100% all fruit jelly but there will still be fruit juice concentrate in it. So you are still getting tons of sugar.

I don't know how this will taste, but what can go wrong with so little ingredients? I shouldn't say that. It's like an invitation for disaster. But, this is on such a small scale that I couldn't even classify it as a disaster if it went wrong.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on how the jelly turned out. In case anyone is interested in a good jelly recipe without the ton of sugar that usually goes along with it. =)

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