Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Beautiful Sad Eyes

My pretty little baby frizzly bear. She's in puppy school now ya know. Has a couple of friends, one of which tries to hump her every time they are together. Buddy is his name. Lizzy is quite a bit bigger than he is. She just sort of sits down and looks at us like, "Is this guy for real??".

It's interesting to see them interact with each other in this little corral thinger inside the store. They just sort of run around in circles, the bigger two trying to show domination and the little one just getting stepped on. Poor Leo.

There is a lot of fur flying, a lot of barking, a lot of snot (all Lizzy of course). I'm not sure how different her behavior will be after these 8 weeks of school are over. It all depends on how good we are at being consistent with the techniques we've learned. It's a job that really requires patience and persistence.

This morning, she chewed a bill that was destined for the mailbox. Usually she destroys something every day. Anything left in the sink, on the counter, hanging over a chair...is up for grabs. It's our own fault, really. Sometimes we get lazy or forgetful. And I'm supposed to put her in a "puppy timeout" every time she does something undesirable. Seriously? I would do nothing else all day! I'm hoping we'll be able to trust her to be out overnight by the time winter is here, so she can lay by the front door and stop the draft from coming in. But I'm not getting my hopes up.

It's all good though. I love my frizzly bear and I'm thankful for her company. She really is a sweet girl. Come on over and see her sometime. She LOVES guests ;)

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