Monday, November 1, 2010

Our spooky Halloween fun

Halloween for Emma this year was like a celebrity wedding, where the bride has more than one dress. We have so many cute costumes for her size that she couldn't only wear one! Especially when one of them just happens to be her favorite girl....Pippi!

It was slightly wrinkly from being stored in a bag, unfolded of course. And full of hair from taking Lizzy to puppy school earlier in the day.

And the new costume this year was Ariel. She makes a beautiful Ariel, don't you think? It appears as though Ariel has gotten a bob cut, but nobody (except Eden) really seemed to notice.

I was a zombie bride again this year. I had gotten a black tutu and some stripped tights, witches hat, yadda yadda (Emma's red wig was actually mine). But in the end, with all the creepy decorations, I felt a cutsie witch costume didn't really work well with the ambiance.

And the creepy decorations...

It looked way better in the dark, of course, but you get the idea. As I was handing out the candy it was so awesome to hear the kids rave about how cool the house looked. Even the adults gave compliments. I hate to toot my own horn was pretty cool.

I had black lights glowing and the windows open a crack so the moaning and screaming and other eerie sounds (from the computer) could be heard from outside. Inside my cauldron was my iPod, where bubbling sounds were making my "witches brew" come to life. I had my handy dandy fog machine remote in hand so whenever kiddies approached the entry I could set my cauldron into action. The graveyard on the lawn, complete with skeleton hands sticking out of the earth, got some stares. The only thing that was a bit of a bummer was that my strobe light didn't work. I'll have to get a new one next year. I had a mini cauldron with a mini strobe inside it, so it wasn't a total loss. The kids also helped me mix up some potion last week (food coloring and water in cool glass jars) so those were on display. Along with my wine bottles containing "vampire blood", "spider venom", and "wicked spirits". It was a fun night. I can't wait for next year!!

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